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Blogbeiträge zum Thema Computing

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Take part in the UK Bebras Challenge 2021 for schools!

Take part in the UK Bebras Challenge 2021 for schools!

Post written by: Maria Richter Reading Time: 3 minutes The annual UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge is back to provide fun, brain-teasing puzzles for schools from 8 to 19 November! In the free Bebras Challenge, your students get to practise t...

LinuxNewsPcTechnologyBebrasComputational ThinkingComputing EducationEducationUk Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags What is Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0?

The internet is undoubtedly the most significant technological revolution in human history. Despite the fact that the industry has seen significant growth since its inception it’s still infancy and needs major improvements. Tim Berners Lee’...

TechnologyEdge ComputingWeb 3.0
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Amazons Ambient Computing Platform

Amazons Ambient Computing Platform

In 2017 Walt Mossberg predicted that technology would disappear into the background and that “ambient computing would become universal.” We are on the right track four years later, but it is still unclear what that term means for computers ...

DevelopmentTechnologyAlexaAmazonAmbient ComputingAstroEdge
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags The Paradox of Cloud Computing

The Paradox of Cloud Computing

The cloud is without doubt one of the most important platform shifts in computing history. Cloud has already had an impact on billions in IT spending. This is due to a powerful value proposition: infrastructure that can be used immediately at the right...

TechnologyBusiness StrategyCloud ComputingCosts
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags What is Edge Computing exactly?

What is Edge Computing exactly?

Edge computing refers to a distributed IT architecture that processes client data at the edge of the network as close as possible to the source. Data is vital to modern businesses. It provides valuable business insights and supports real-time control o...

TechnologyCloudComputingDistributed ComputingEdgeFogIotSoftware Architecture
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags What is serverless computing exactly?

What is serverless computing exactly?

Serverless computing provides backend services on an “as-needed” basis. The serverless provider makes it easy to create and deploy code, without worrying about the infrastructure. The company that uses serverless services is charged accordi...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Giving Google Glass a run for its money

Giving Google Glass a run for its money

Post written by: Quad Oner Reading Time: 2 minutes Arduino Team — August 27th, 2021 Google rarely enters the hardware world and when they do, they receive a mixed reception. The smart glasses were very controversial when they first launched, due to ...

LinuxNewsTechnology#technologyArduinoDiy Smart GlassesGoogle GlassLinuxNano 33 BleSmart GlassesTechWearable Computing