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Blogbeiträge zum Thema Alternative Folk

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Impermanence and Hope: “Then There You Are” by Said Sara

Impermanence and Hope: “Then There You Are” by Said Sara

“Then There You Are” by Said SaraOnce a year, youd almost think, considering the gap between Said Saras releases. This time it was even 16 months between Same and the new song Then There You Are. First of all, it was worth the wait once again, but ...

Alternative FolkDark PopFolkMusicMusikRootsSingerSongwriter
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags ‘The Future Already Happened: Find Yourself Aboard Shane Palkos & Skyler Cumbias ‘Starship

‘The Future Already Happened: Find Yourself Aboard Shane Palkos & Skyler Cumbias ‘Starship

“Starship” by Shane Palko, Skyler CumbiaIn a world permeated by constant noise and distractions, Shane Palko, an indie-alternative-folk musician from Pennsylvania, decided to take a decisive step: He sought silence to contemplate and distance himse...

Alternative FolkIndie FolkMusicMusikPennsylvaniaShane PalkoSingerSkylar CumbiaSongwriter
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Hazy & dreamlike:

Hazy & dreamlike: "Playing your records" by Diving At Dawn

Diving At Dawn... is a one-man band comprising of Pete Hobbs, better known as the music-providing half of indie-pop duo The Boy Least Likely To. Pete grew up in Aylesbury but moved to London to seek his musical good fortune. He is influenced by Milan K...

60sAlternative FolkDiving At DawnIndie PopMusicMusikNewPete HobbsSolo ProjectThe Boy Least Likely To
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags A painful song, with dangerous emotions:

A painful song, with dangerous emotions: "Distant Sound" by Oliver Mavilio

Distant SoundVor einigen Tagen warf Oliver Mavilio sein Debüt auf den Markt. Distant Sound nennt er das gute Stück und zeigt dabei seine Qualität als Singer and Songwriter. Beeinflusst von seinen Idolen aus vergangenen Tagen, begleiten ihn Johnny Ca...

Alternative FolkDebutMusikNew MusicNorwichOliver MavilioSinger Songwriter
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Learning to fight negative voices:

Learning to fight negative voices: "Dont You Let ‘Em" by BAYWUD

BAYWUD... is an L.A. based indie artist, songwriter and musician, classically trained on the piano. He was raised in Tyler, TX and later studied film at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in LA. BAYWUD songs have received airplay on many radio stations ...

Alternative FolkBaywudDepressionFolkL.a.MusicMusikNew MusicSingersongwriterStorytellingUs
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Impressive Song & Artist:

Impressive Song & Artist: "They lie" by Josie Bello

Josie BelloJosie Bellos songs tell stories and convey feelings that are relatable. Previous albums "Have Purpose Live Long" (2020), "Cant Go Home" (2018) & "Resilience" (2022) have had extensive U.S. & International radio play with the albums a...

Alternative FolkFemale SingerJosie BelloMusicMusikNew MusicSinger Songwriter
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags The life as a circle ...

The life as a circle ... "Unrequited love" by David Smalt

David Smalt... is a Los Angeles based songwriter & musician. He learned guitar as a child to join the praise band in his fathers church alongside his drumming brother, Jonathan. Moving to Nashville, he played with several bands across different gen...

Alternative FolkAlternative IndieDavid SmaltMusikNew MusicSinger Songwriter
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags The capturing of emotions:

The capturing of emotions: "Feel" by Norman Lake

Norman Lake... is a project by singer songwriter Joey MacMahan from Los Angeles. The songs often focus on processing difficult emotions, and overcoming mental health and addiction. A majority of the songwriting is drawn from personal experience with un...

Alternative FolkAlternative RockFolkLos AngelesMusikNew MusicSinger SongwriterSpotify
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags

"Sea" by Said Sara

Said a genuine extension of Bensons essence. As a child of the 70s, he grew up on the singer-songwriters of that era of emergence: Baez, Stevens, Croce, Taylor, Buckingham, Mitchell. But Benson was/is a metalhead and a punk (yes, both) i...

AlternativeAlternative FolkBandcampMusikNew MusicSoundcloudSpotify