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Blogbeiträge zum Thema Alternative Pop

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"Free (Album)" by Hilla Peer

Hilla Peer is...?An indie singer-songwriter, and up until 2 years ago never sang in her life. I started recording covers two years ago and before that, never sang in my life :-) It was hidden inside of me for a long time and I didnt even realize I cou...

AlbumAlt-folkAlternative PopFemale SingerFolk PopIndie FolkIndie PopIsraelLpMusikNew MusicSingersongwriterSpotify
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"10-2-1" by Joshua Woo

10-2-1Es ist die dritte Veröffentlichung von Joshua Woo. Dieses Mal gehts Richtung Weltall, oder eben auch nicht, denn alle haben den Planeten verlassen bis auf einen der zurückbleibt um die Erde wieder bewohnbar zu machen (der Klimawandel lässt gr

Alt-folkAlternative PopIndie FolkIndietronicaMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicSpotify
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"Beaches" by Strange Souvenirs

Strange SouvenirsStrange Souvenirs breathe new life into the world of drab colour by numbers pop with their genre-bending blend of delicate, danceable and disorienting music. True to their band name every release unveils a new unexpected side of the du...

Alternative PopIndie PopLofiMelody PopMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicPopmusicSpotify
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"The End" by Carina T

Carina TCarina T is a Pop-Rock/Alternative London-based singer-songwriter. She started singing at the age of 15 in a Pop-Rock band in Madeira Island, where she was born. After working as a researcher in Boston, United States, and also in London, she re...

Alternative PopAlternative Pop/rockFemale SingerLondonMusic Blog ReviewMusikStorytellingUk
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"Candy" by Le Fleur

Le FleurLe Fleur is a Melbourne-born & raised artist whose lyricism and storytelling explores themes of society, love, sexuality and social issues through her lens of lived experience as a queer mixed race Black woman.Le Fleur brings passionate voc...

80sAlternative PopAustraliaFunkGrooveMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicSpotify
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"Nobody but you" by David Mac

David MacDavid Mac is an alternative R&B singer, songwriter and producer from the Gold Coast, Australia. Taking inspiration The Weeknd, The 1975, Billie Eilish and Mansionair, the young musicians sound exerts a lively yet warm, atmospheric tone. Hi...

Alternative PopAlternative R&bLovesongMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicPopSpotify
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"I wanna know" by Lycio

LycioWith a focus on championing females in music, Midlands-based Lycio take an egalitarian view of how their music is developed, allowing for an exciting, collaborative and democratic writing process. Vocalist and lyricist Genie Mendez, keyb...

AlternativeAlternative PopElectro PopElectronicmusicMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicSpotify
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"The Fall" by Nobodys Wolf Child

Nobodys Wolf ChildThe project has been in development for a couple of years working with a few different producers until she found the right partnership.With 12 singles ready to go and a new record label created to release them on, we are ready to crea...

Alternative PopEuphoricFemale SingerMonumental PopMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicSouth EastSpotifyUkVocaks
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"So Cool" by LOW GIRL

LOW GIRLToday Low Girl release their second single, followed by their sophomore EP in March 2022. The band have gone from strength to strength since releasing debut Big Now in May 2021, thanks largely from support from bloggers and radio, as well as Sp...

Alternative PopIndie PopIndie Synth PopMusic Blog ReviewMusikNew MusicNew ReleaseNewcomerPopmusicSpotify