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Blogbeiträge zum Thema sarafi

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags staying at home

staying at home

SHOP THE LOOK (Adlinks) Staying at home days.  Hey guys! hope you’re all doing well. Today is on of those days where I just can’t take it anymore. I hate lockdown and to be inside all the time, it makes me go insane. Plus, it gets dark...

FashionLifestyleCrop TopsFashioninspiration
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags fave winter boots

fave winter boots

 1- short boots, 2- overknee boots, 3- Zara boots, similar HERE,  4- Dr. Martens,  Hey guys. With the cold weather comes the rain and snow. To keep warm and dry you’ll need to wear proper boots. Since I am not t...

FashionKeep Warm And DryOverkneebootsWinter Boots
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags lockdown days

lockdown days

a typical lockdown day Hey guys. Hope you’re all doing well! We are still in lockdown and it will continue, probably until Christmas. We will see if we get to have some Christmas celebrations. All we do trough out the days ist staying at home, wo...

LifestyleFashion In LockdownFashionblogLockdownVienna
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags the layering look

the layering look

SHOP THE LOOK (Adlinks) Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well! Today was an amazing day with great weather and lots of sunshine. I got so happy as I saw it and had to go outside to get some fresh air and sunshine. : ) How good does the sunshine feel o...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags autumn vibes

autumn vibes

one day during lockdown 2020 Hey guys! Hope you’re doing well. We all got the news that from tomorrow on we will be in lockdown again. I don’t know what to think about that anymore. I hate it but at the same time it is necessary?! That is j...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags skirts and boots

skirts and boots

SHOP THE LOOK (Adlinks) Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great. Happy Monday, again!? The weeks just fly by nowadays. I try to keep myself busy and productive but it is so hard when the weather is that grey and dark. Here is one of my fav looks for thi...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags black puffer jacket

black puffer jacket

Vienna city strolls. Hey guys! Hope you´re  all well! I hope you’ve had a great start to this new week! I love a fresh week with lots of new opportunities and goals to hit! hehe How motivated am I this week!? Last week I started to write down a...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags black leather leggings

black leather leggings

Just a regular rainy day. Hey guys and happy Friday. I can’t believe its Friday again! How nice is that. I love the weekends because most other people are free from work and I have someone to go out with. hehe During the week everyone is so busy ...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags leather jackets and boots

leather jackets and boots

SHOP THE LOOK (Adlinks) Hey guys, hope you’re all well. I feel fine besides being so damn tired all the time. I can not figure out how to get out of this sleeping cycle I am in. I can’t sleep at night and can’t wake up in the morning....