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Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Our biggest billboard (yet)

Our biggest billboard (yet)

Its cool to see a billboard with your work. Our Progressive Web App Solution for the church Villach Saint Jacob is advertising their App that we built with our App framework. Our framework lets you build your personal app for your congregation in virtu...

Product AnnouncementProgressive Web App
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Lessons from AmExs Member-Get-Member Program

Lessons from AmExs Member-Get-Member Program

Member-Get-Member programs are nothing new. Many companies are using it to get new customers by aksing their customers to advertise. In turn, customers get some benefits. AmExs Member-Get-Member program kicked off in 2011 as an easy way for members to ...

Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Clubhouse Data Leak

Clubhouse Data Leak

If you are not on clubhouse, chances are high that your phone number is. The clubhouse app makes use of a wide spread matching technique: upload the contact data of the users to the servers and search for matches. Clubhouse is not alone: messengers lik...

GeneralNewsPrivacyAddress BookClubhouseDarknetDataLeak
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

The Internet is a remarkable invention. As user, you can use all kinds of devices to access services, stay in touch with your friends and family, listen to music, watch television or go on a virtual shopping tour. All you need is a browser on your smar...

Progressive Web AppTechnologyAdvantagesCore Web VitalsExperiencePwa
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags 5 Best Digital Assistants to Use in 2021

5 Best Digital Assistants to Use in 2021

Artificial intelligence has transformed our lives in more ways than one. AI is used in retail, healthcare, marketing, and many other industries. We live in a fast-paced world, and people want easy access to the information they need. Thats why tech com...

TechnologyAlexaBixbyCortanaDigital AssistantsGoogleSiri
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Whatsapp doesnt want to lock users out

Whatsapp doesnt want to lock users out

After WhatsApp changed its data privacy rules there was a lot of critisism the way Facebook tried to push users to accept them. Those who do not agree to the new terms and conditions would experience a gradually limited service. After a pushback, Faceb...

NewsPrivacySocial MediaSignalTelegramWhatsapp
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Hey Siri, call a BOX!

Hey Siri, call a BOX!

Voice Interfaces are improving every year and voice assistants are becoming more powerful every year. Since Apple introduced Siri in 2011, companies likes Amazon and Google have followed suit with Alexa and Google Assistant. We’ve recently extene...

CustomerProductProgressive Web AppAlexaCall A BoxOmnichannelQonnectSiriVoice Interface
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags Partnership with MIT Group

Partnership with MIT Group

Amman, Leobendorf, 18.5.2021. We are happy to announce the partnership with MIT Group in Software and Business Development covering the MENA region and the Sub-Sahara. MIT Group is a leading expert in the field of mobile technology and provides a wide ...

NewsMenaMit GroupPartnershipSub-sahara Su
Beitragsbild des Blogbeitrags The alternative to WhatsApp groups

The alternative to WhatsApp groups

Do you use WhatsApp groups to communicate with customers or members? With the change in the WhatsApp privacy rules, you run the risk of losing many of your users. We offer you an alternative. It’s called qNews and is your personal mobile newslett...

QnewsSocial Media

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