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The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It – The New York Times
Kategorien: News, Privacy, Social Media, Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Clearview AI Inc, Clement, Facial Recognition Software, Hoan, Identification Devices, Police, Schwartz, Thiel, Ton-That, via bookmarklet
vor 2 Tagen
The case for … ‘dumb’ cities instead of ‘smart’ ones
Kategorien: Technology, Architecture, Cities, Environment, Smart cities, technology, via bookmarklet
vor 1 Wochen
Personal Data Is Valuable. Give Pricing Power to the People | WIRED
Kategorien: News, Politics, Privacy, Data, data privacy, markets, via bookmarklet
vor 2 Wochen
Opinion | How to Track President Trump – The New York Times
Kategorien: Privacy, Computers and the Internet, Data-Mining and Database Marketing, Donald J, Espionage and Intelligence Services, Global Positioning System, Mobile Applications, Secret Service, Smartphones, Trump, United States Defense and Military Forces, United States Politics and Government, via bookmarklet
vor 4 Wochen
Three People-Centered Design Principles for Deep Learning
Kategorien: General, via bookmarklet
vor 1 Monaten
A Sobering Message About the Future at AI’s Biggest Party | WIRED
Kategorien: General, Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, via bookmarklet
vor 1 Monaten
On the potential Impact of banning Political Ads on Social Media
Kategorien: News, Politics, advertising, ira, political ads, social media
vor 2 Monaten
Converging Solutions: Artificial Networks Shed Light on Human Face Recognition
Kategorien: News, Science, AI, Artificial Intelligence, deep neural networks, face perception, facial recognition, via bookmarklet
vor 3 Monaten
Chatbots on Smartphones: It’s not a love story, but it’s worth trying
Kategorien: Chatbots, Product, Chatbot, progressive web app, PWA
vor 3 Monaten
Why News-Pull is no Solution for WhatsApp Newsletter
Kategorien: News, Product, Mobile, newsletter, progressive web app, PWA, qnews, whatsapp
vor 3 Monaten

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